Impact Ventures

For Institutional Investors

Mitigating Execution and Financial Risk

Resmark partners in a “manager of managers” role with small- to mid-size emerging managers in direct joint venture investments to achieve documented real estate investment goals.

Resmark is particularly suited to executing a Manager of Managers strategy due to its substantial experience investing in real estate joint ventures with small developers. Since 1995, Resmark has initiated more than 200 JV investments, more than 50% of them with small developers that qualify as EMs.

Investment Strategy Advantages

  • Resmark specifically chooses the manager of managers structure over fund of funds to provide fiduciary oversight through operational and financial control of its EM partnerships
  • Fulfills investors’ desire to capitalize emerging managers while mitigating execution and financial risk with Resmark’s best-in-class risk management and control measures
  • Access to emerging managers’ local and sector specific knowledge and relationships
  • Focus on specific markets that, when paired with local emerging manager expertise, present a compelling real estate investment environment
  • Custom training program with measurable steps and goals to develop and utilize the skill set necessary to manage a successful investment strategy
  • Passionate about consistently producing strong returns for our investor partners while also contributing to the future of the investment community by mentoring a new generation of institutional managers