Impact Ventures

For Prospective EMs

Resmark Emerging Manager Program:
Why Partner with Resmark

As a former emerging manager during our initial stage, Resmark is uniquely attuned to the goals of EM partners.

Smaller developers and early stage fund managers often require dependable capital partners, lack a fully functional back office, and seek support in institutional reporting practices, among other responsibilities for executing a successful investment strategy.

Resmark recognizes these challenges and works with its EM partners to provide and develop the expertise necessary for producing outstanding returns for our institutional investors.

Joint Venture Partnership Benefits

  • A reliable source of equity capital
  • 20-plus year history of partnerships with EMs and small developers and builders
  • Experienced corporate personnel and robust back office infrastructure
  • Support in the finer points of the origination process, accounting and financial reporting standards
  • Mentoring for EMs wishing to become stand-alone institutional investment managers
  • Commitment to promoting diversity of thought and opportunity within the investment community

Emerging Manager Prerequisites

  • An independent, identifiable track record or past performance as executives with a larger firm
  • Key individuals with established roles and complementary experience
  • Local market relationships and expertise
  • A proven skill set in a specific real estate asset class
  • Ability to co-invest