Single-Family Land and Housing Investments

Direct investments and joint ventures with high-quality builder/ developer partners in single-family attached and detached residential communities in California, the Western United States, Texas, the D.C./Mid-Atlantic region, and select major metropolitan markets

Investment Criteria

  • Single-family detached homes
  • Single-family attached homes, including townhomes and condominiums
  • Urban infill housing, including midrise condominiums and mixed use projects that emphasize the developmentā€™s residential component
  • Land opportunities
  • Entitlement opportunities

Origination Strategy & Investment Structure

  • Build and nurture strategic relationships with high quality developers/builders with whom we believe Resmark will complete multiple transactions
  • Pursue opportunistic transactions that are brought to our attention, generally by developers/builders
  • Seek unique opportunities in strategic markets that we believe will continue to offer above average job and population growth and household formations
  • Equity investments in the form of joint ventures; direct investments under fee build arrangements; participating debt structures; and off-balance sheet land structures